Sunday, February 12, 2006

US prepares military blitz against Iran's nuclear sites

If this story is true, it is a disgrace. Not that the attack should be planned, you understand. That seems perfectly prudent. It's a disgrace that the politicians should have disclosed it.

Some brave young Americans will be asked one day to fly across Iran in fragile military planes to destroy the nuclear facilities. The least they could ask of the politicians who put them in harm's way is that they keep their damned mouths shut so that the enemy has not been alerted.

So I guess, alas, it's just sabre-rattling. Too bad.

Telegraph | News | US prepares military blitz against Iran's nuclear sites


Patrick said...

Fuckin' A

Jeremy said...

if you are all for Liberty why is Iran not allowed nukes?

you mean only we can have liberty? when we have decided others are good enough to come up to our standards they can have freedom as well?

What about Pakistan? Our "democratic ally"?

It doesn't takemuch bravery to kill innocents with "smart bombs".

Iran is legally entitled to develop nuclear power

John East said...

I agree, it’s clear by reading the first sentence of the report that this is just sabre rattling,

”Strategists at the Pentagon are drawing up plans…”

I’ll bet the plans were drawn up ages ago.

Tom Paine said...

That's a little naieve. If a nation threatens Western Civilisation we are entitled to protect ourselves. Iran denies the holocaust happened and its President has stated the aim of wiping Israel (the only democracy in the region) off the map. I am not too happy about Pakistan having the bomb either. It is no democracy and has a history of threatening its neighbour, the world's largest democracy. Iran has been offered the chance to have nuclear power, with Russia supplying the wherewithal. It doesn't want it, because the only nuclear power it wants is the Islamic bomb.

Jeremy said...

Iran is 10 years away from a bomb

Warmongering at this stage is irresponsible to say the least

Iran is allowed to produce nuclear power legally un NNPT, why on earth should it have to get others to do that for her? Would Britian or the US accept that? Would Russia?

Tom Paine said...

Jeremy, I don't understand why anyone who might be a target - or have a friend who might be a target - would want Iran to continue its programme while it is led by an ignorant, holocaust-denying, islamofascist. Would you have defended Nazi Germany's rights to develop nuclear technology when Hitler was in charge? Would you justify Klaus Fuchs actions in delivering nuclear technology to Stalin? Iran's current president is considerably less rational than either of those charmers, whose actions were at least predictable. What about North Korea's "right" to nuclear technology? Should we play our fiddles and carry on with the orgy while dangerous barbarians prepare for our destruction? As for "warmongering", I would ask only Lenin's famous question; "Who, whom?"