Thursday, February 02, 2006

Muhammad cartoon row intensifies

Have we not one newspaper editor with the testes to stand with our brave European friends? While we pass stupid laws to protect the delicate sensibilities of primitive fundamentalists, Continental editors are standing up for Western Civilisation.

Speak for England, Murdoch's gutless rabble! Publish and be damned!

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Muhammad cartoon row intensifies


Jago said...

Yes, and did you see how the BBC news dealt with it, fading and masking Paris Soir &c whenever the cartoons might show? But then hopes of Britain being a secular state are long gone under Blair. Est'que'on encore veut etre un enfant de cette patrie? (... didn't get a proper French speaker to check that)

John East said...

I think that the cowardly reaction from many in the West (including Peter Mandelson's comment today, "throwing petrol onto the flames of the original issue") is to be welcomed. We get to see just exactly who is prepared to stand up for free speech these days.

Taking a broader view, the Islamic over reaction will also show people exactly what the Western World is up against. This can only be a good thing, particulary when apologists for Islam seem to dominate opinion in many parts of our media.

Alison said...

Good points all round. The european press spearheaded the resistance to the last bunch of fascists to get a stangle hold on Europe. The now sacked editor of France Soir also knew that his boss was a muslim and still went ahead. Courage! I will be disgusted if none of our papers publishes the cartoons in support. After all they bleat on about a free press all the time.

niconoclast said...

Perhaps the redoubtable Mr Rushdie will grace us with a Satanic Verses volume 2.

Would it be fair to say that the predictable knee-jerk(with emphasis on last syllable) reaction from the Muslimistas is as frothing as the Prophet they seek to defend -who was an epileptic apparently.