Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Telegraph | News | Shooting report may take months

If the suspects were not agents of the State, do any of us believe that it would take so long to investigate this shooting incident? If any of us had shot this young man, would we still be at large?

No other suspects are under investigation. There is no dispute as to the facts. The authorities know (although, despite the fact it was done in our name, we are not allowed to) the name of the officer who fired seven shots into Jean Charles de Menezes' head while he was held down by colleagues. The CCTV evidence either exists or it does not. No factual evidence can be obtained by waiting. The dispute is as to the knowledge and intent of the officers in question and the legality of the orders under which they acted.

There is no possible policing reason for the delay. The suspicion must be that the only reasons are political.

Telegraph | News | Shooting report may take months

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Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

I would guess part of the reason is the fact that so many lying swine with political agendas have 'come forward' to try and distort the truth of what actually happened...I trust the people who were there, and were interviewed as eyewitnesses on the day. None others.