Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Blair 'must give more ground' on school reform

Mr. Blair is said to be concerned about his "legacy". He wants to believe that he will be remembered for his achievements. That's understandable. His mantra on taking power was "Education, Education, Education". Many of us hoped that, at the head of a Labour Government, he could reform our pathetic system of State education in a way that no Conservative Government could hope to do. Naievely, we even thought that it was worth letting Socialist idiots into power for a while to achieve that worthwhile goal.

Unfortunately for him (and I am prepared to believe that in this respect he had good intentions), his only educational achievement has been to teach the British electorate that "spin" is just a euphemism for "lies" and that - as history has repeatedly proved - the end, however noble, never justifies the means. In his case, so paltry have been his educational achievements, it might be said no means could ever be justified by such an end.

Telegraph | News | Blair 'must give more ground' on school reform

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