Monday, February 20, 2006

The Stoning of Soraya M.

Any wrong done by our troops in Iraq or elsewhere is the subject of endless agonising and condemnation in the media. Rightly so. We will never spread civilisation by behaving in a barbaric way. I am angry with the tiny minority of young soldiers, no doubt fired up by the dangers they face daily, who expose our cause to such needless criticism. I am even more angry with their officers who should be alert to these risks.

Why, however, is there nothing in the main stream media about the routine barbaric horrors of the "religion of peace", Islam? Why are our journalists so craven in the face of those who want to destroy all the gains of our civilisation since the Enlightenment? Is it not racism on their part to hold Muslims to lower ethical standards that we hold ourselves? Does that not imply that our "right on" media types regard Muslims as inferior beings from whom fully-civilised behaviour can not be expected? I think it does. Ironically, as they quest for "institutional racism" in every corner of society, our leftist journalists are themselves profoundly racist.

The story linked to here (don't click on the links to it if you are squeamish) says a lot. Our multicultural mantra is that we must respect all points of view and regard them as "equally valid". I am sorry if it offends anyone, but that is dangerous nonsense.

To assert the equal validity of a religion which mandates death for apostates, physical mutilation for criminals and regards a man's evidence as equal to that of three woman is not tolerant. Nor is it "respectful". It is craven, immoral and dishonest.

Muslims are very clear that we are their inferiors and that we must either convert, submit to the status of "dhimmi" (a non-Muslim second class citizen in an Islamic State) or be killed.

I have daughters. They are fine, intelligent, free-thinking young women, strong of character and conscience. I don't want them reduced to servile wretches unable to move without the supervision of male relatives. No more, if I had sons, would I want them to live in a world where men abused women so, still less to be part of that abuse.

It sickens me that millions of people admitted to all the rights of citizenship of my country should desire, as is suggested by the Telegraph poll yesterday, such barbaric laws in Britain. It sickens me more that I can have no faith in the will of our current leaders to resist.

British Muslims who advocate the overthrow of our laws are doing us a favour by alerting us to our danger. Any who act to achieve that overthrow are traitors and should be dealt with as such. Only when they realise that we will not submit meekly to dhimmitude, will our Muslim "extremists" retreat. The present policy of appeasement achieves nothing but the radicalisation of our native population. That is in no-one's interests.

The Stoning of Soraya M.


John East said...

According to the link over 1000 women have been stoned to death in Iran. I didn't bother reading anymore it,s so disgusting. I will also resist the temptation to express my views concerning the religion and its sharia law practices in case third parties decide to burn down a few more embassies in protest.

What I will say is that should Isreal or the US decide to step in the new information you have provided, which previously I was unaware of, will make me more inclined to support their actions.

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

I think I kinda like you Tom. We probably disagree about the means, but we definitely seem to be in agreement about the ends :)