Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Adam Smith Institute Blog

Blogging another blog is usually a pointless activity. However, I want easy access for the future, for myself and my readers, to this important piece from the Adam Smith Institute blog. It is important because it reminds us of something it is all too easy to forget. Since the agitprop experts of the old Soviet Union hung up their poison pens and retired to their dachas, the most mendacious propagandists in the world are the Greens.

Greenery is just another form of puritanism. It has a lot in common with health fascism and a New Labour's desire to peer into and modify our lives. I personally prefer a sleek low-slung sporty model to a Chelsea tractor (a 5.5 litre engine is more fun if you don't weigh it down with too much bodywork), but the hatred towards 4x4s/SUV's felt by the Greens is little to do with genuine environmentalism and everything to do with the green god of envy.

If everyone in England stopped before they demanded a change in the law and asked themselves honestly whether they want it positively for the public good or negatively to attack someone they envy, our torrent of legislation would subside to a trickle.

Adam Smith Institute Blog

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