Sunday, April 30, 2006

Cannabis found at John Reid home

This is an interesting story, but not for the obvious reasons. If no action is to be taken and the amount was miniscule, why did it make the papers? Someone told the story to the press. Why? It is interesting that "human foible" stories seem to be making the news (Reid's weed, Prescott's two shags) at present. Is it to provide "noise" to cover the genuine public anger over Charles Clarke's incompetence?

If this is a "spin" operation, then it's highly sophisticated, but Prescott is 67 and utterly dispensable. His usefulness as the "token prole" and "token Northerner" is coming to an end, leaving only the embarrassment factor of his transparent stupidity. It seems the whole of Fleet Street knew about his affair. Goodness knows he seems to have taken no care to conceal it. So why did the story (and now Reid's story) break at a moment of real political crisis?

BBC NEWS | UK | Cannabis found at John Reid home

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