Friday, April 28, 2006

No computer 'trace' of offenders

I am concerned about the media frenzy over the Home Office's failure to deport foreign convicts after release. Of course, it's hard not to enjoy the Government's embarrassment. Tony Blair was clearly rattled at his last PMQ. That was fun too.

However, Ministers will take no political responsibility for this and the people ultimately seem not to care whether Ministers resign or not. The despicable Polly Toynbee is - for once - right when she says this story will cool and be forgotten, just like that of Ruth Kelly and the paedophiles.

Once it has cooled, Labour will spin the story as another argument for ID cards. All the press comments about the Government "not even knowing where they are" lead obviously to that. The point is they knew where they were before they released them! They should have held the deportation hearings, as recommended by the trial judges, then.

Even the Government's incompetence will be used against the people. Yet again, an ill-thought out, costly and dangerous new initiative will substitute for diligent management of the existing functions of the State.

It seems to many of us that under New Labour, Ministers of the Crown have deployed all their (fortunately limited) skills and energy to procuring favourable headlines. They have only paid attention to their departments as status symbols, travel agents for the Queen's Flight, estate agents for "grace and favour" residences and reservoirs of totty to entertain therein.

Tory "sleaze" was kindergarten stuff compared to these guys. A couple of bad apples brought the Conservatives down. This Government is rotten to the core.

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