Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Agent's death 'won't stall peace'

This "agent" has paid with his life for his service to the Crown as an infiltrator of a terrorist organisation. His killing by that organisation (who else?) "will not stall the peace process." Of course not. It draws attention however, to the interesting difference between a "peace process" and "peace".

Nothing, I suspect, will now induce any loyal British Muslims to accept similar roles in our Islamist terrorist groups. Having seen the retirement plan, they are unlikely to find the other terms and conditions attractive. This is sad, as such infiltration is our best hope of protecting ourselves against terrorist attacks in future. It would be much more effective than the Government's other ideas.

New Labour is prepared to trash our every liberty for its "War on Terror". New Labour has only recently established its new Secret Police, with the cuddly acronym SOCA and all kinds of interesting and "exciting" powers. New Labour's leader specialises in grim, determined soundbites about terrorist threats. How come no-one points out the hypocrisy of all this in the context of New Labour's abject surrender to Sinn Fein/IRA? A surrender so total, that they are prepared to allow their people to be tortured and killed without a murmur of protest.

A "peace process" with such murderous thugs is a joke, not to mention a national humiliation. I don't suppose for a second that our new secret police will be ordered to deal summarily with the men who killed Denis Donaldson. They are far more likely, I fear, to come for you or me.

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Agent's death 'won't stall peace'

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David Vance said...

Peace has become a euphemism for appeasement, and such a NICER word to our craven political class.