Sunday, April 23, 2006

"Climate Change"

Forty-one scientists wrote to the Telegraph to say - in summary - that
"global climate changes all the time due to natural causes and the human impact still remains impossible to distinguish from this natural 'noise' "
They felt the need to do so in order to refute recent quasi-religious assertions by such diverse chaps as Dave Cameron, Gordon Brown and Lord Rees of Ludlow that human-caused global warming is "concerning", "a moral issue" and generally a bloody good excuse to tax air travel and powerful cars.

I recommend to anyone still interested in knowledge, rather than intellectual fashion, the work of Bjorn Lomborg entitled The Skeptical Environmentalist. Lomborg is a "green" academic who set out to prove "global warming" to his students by statistical means, only to conclude that he had been wrong. To his credit, he felt the need to publish his findings. In consequence, he has been demonised by all those chat-show pop-scientists he might (had anyone read him) have robbed of a "nice little earner."

Does no-one connect the pseudo-science of man-made "climate change" with the desire of its promoters to build ever-greater State control over the lives of individuals? Does no-one connect it with the higher taxes it justifies - even to such (alleged) "Conservatives" as Dave Cameron? Does no-one connect it with a puritanical dislike of the finer things of life; fast cars, foreign travel, air-conditioning, exotic foodstuffs airlifted in for our enjoyment?

I am heartily sick of this bunk. I have lived long enough to have been repeatedly (and falsely) threatened with disaster by s0-called "scientists" with no sense either of history or of their own insignificant place in the cosmos. For that matter, they seem to have little grasp of humanity's insignificance. Mother Earth was here before us and will be here after we are gone. I doubt we will leave more traces than the dinosaurs who lasted so much longer than we have (and who succumbed to a global catastrophe not of their making before they managed to evolve into Jeremy Clarkson).

Would that Douglas Adams' marvellous idea of a "Total Perspective Vortex" had actually been invented, so that all the green charlatans (and chameleons) could be fed to it without mercy.

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