Saturday, April 15, 2006

Benefits determine lifestyle choice | the Daily Mail

Britain really is comprised of two nations, if this is news. Growing up among the working classes of the North, I have always known this. My mother-in-law recently recalled a neighbour who had lived at home on family benefits garnered from an immense and impoverished family he had bred for the purpose. When his wife's ability to reproduce ended, he got a job. These days, he would have got a new "wife" and carried on.

Who can ever have been such a fool as to believe that benefits would not be subject to the second most important law; the law of unintended consequences? For generations now, the unintended consequences of State hand-outs are the only ones that matter. They have corrupted and demeaned our nation- and probably guaranteed its demise.

Benefits determine lifestyle choice | the Daily Mail


dearieme said...

Unintended, perhaps, but not unpredicted. Anyone who is not a saint need only enquire "How might I be tempted to (mis)behave under these incentives?" to know how his fellow men will behave. So obvious is the outcome that I find it hard to believe that all proponents of the Welfare State didn't intend these consequences.

Raw Carrot said...

I took part in a debate recently and was shouted down for even daring to suggest that welfare benefits have an impact upon the behaviour of individuals... You'd be surpised how many people seem ignorant of incentives - or else are so brainwashed by the Lefties who believe in the welfare state that there is no telling them anything "new"!!