Thursday, April 20, 2006

Drinking From Home: Yet more "It's our fault"

I cannot disagree with a word of this. The white working class in England DOES feel despised. The chancers who pass for political leaders in our country focus all their attention on a few hundred voters in swing marginals who decide the outcome of every election. If those voters were Muslims calling for Sharia Law in England, Sharia Law is what we would get - and to hell with our own wishes, traditions or human rights.

Every time I see someone state the truth like this, it hurts. The BNP is gaining strength in our country because of such uncomfortable truths. Yet the BNP is far from being the answer. It is a vile group of neo-Nazis and will not save us from the evils of the current regime, but lead us to perdition by a different route. While doing so, it will reinforce the view of the liberal left in Britain that the white working classes are ignorant racists whose views deserve to be held in contempt. I am confident that, with the usual exception for the nutters in every nation, that is not true.

For generation after generation, England has welcomed and absorbed immigrants. I grew up among the working classes of the North and never heard a racist sentiment expressed. I believe that racism has been manufactured in England by a "race relations" industry which needs racism to justify its existence and which, by constantly berating the white population for its supposed racism has generated resentment.

If the BNP wins votes, I believe those votes will not represent a desire for racist policies. They will be a protest, designed to shock the political classes out of their complacency. The gap which has opened between the world as presented by politicians and the everyday truths of existence in Britain is simply too wide. If the conventional politicians won't bridge it, the people will.

I am very concerned. Things could get messy. I don't want decent British people to disgrace themselves and our nation by voting for neo-Nazis. But, to be honest, I don't know what else to suggest to them.

Drinking From Home: Yet more "It's our fault"

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Bag said...

Your comment about people voting for the BNP for a protest vote is spot on the mark. I, like you, believe they are a worthless bunch but I would still tender a vote. If only to upset the applecart. I doubt they would ever get in and their influence would cause politicians to consider what they have been doing so far. If by some unfortunate circumstance they did get in then I ask you, Could they be any worse?