Saturday, April 08, 2006

North East Wales | No action over sex victim naming

Like all State Organs, the police are a producer monopoly. Once the naieve enthusiasm of the new copper wears off, the "customers" can easily become a mere irritation.

Brunstrom, the Ayatollah of the speed camera, is a particularly nasty piece of work. He is a careerist who is unlikely to let any concern for the public get in the way of his advance. Anyone with an ounce of decency would never have considered naming the child victim of a sex attack. Anyone in the private sector who strayed so far beyond the Pale would resign or be fired. Not so in public "service".

A quick and heartless apology to the victim and her family, and the whole thing is over, the perks and pensions paid for by those who live by sterner rules as secure as ever.

BBC NEWS | Wales | North East Wales | No action over sex victim naming

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ContraTory said...

As I recall, Brunstrom has left a trail of embarrassing episodes behind him. By comparison, Sir Ian Blair looks prudent (if you leave aside the shoot to kill policy involving visa "overstayers".)
It was Brunstrom of course, who described Wales as being "occupied". "Proper" coppers never seem to stray above the rank of Superintendent.